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Qualcomm Launched Two New Processors Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630

Qualcomm Launched Two New Processors Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630

Chip maker Qualcomm has unveiled two new mid-range mobile processors which is the Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630,

these two new processors are the successor to last year’s Snapdragon 652 and the Snapdragon 625 respectively.

As far as connectivity is concerned, both new processors have the potential to be on par with their high-end conterparts such as Snapdragon 820. It has X12 LTE modem which offers faster connectivity.

The best part of these two new processors is that both have Bluetooth 5 as default standard.

Currently only Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus has Bluetooth 5, we can connect two Bluetooth Devices Simultaneously with Bluetooth 5.

Other improvements comes in the form of power, obviously both are new processors and they have to do well in every forms compare to their predecessors.

Both Snapdragon 660 and 630 supports Quick Charge 4.0 that can offer five hours of battery life in just five minutes of charge.

In addition to the processors and GPU speed improvements, they are designed with machine learning and improved camera processing in mind.

According to Qualcomm, the new Snapdragon 660 is 20% faster than its predecessor Snapdragon 652.

On the other hand the Snapdragon 630 is claimed to be 10% faster than its predecessor Snapdragon 625.

Qualcomm says that these new processors consume 50% to 70% less battery while running location services.

Downloading via Wi-Fi is also claimed to consume up to 60% less power.

Both new Snapdragon 660 and 630 chipsets are based on 14nm architecture,

which means they can now support up to 8GB of RAM.

The Snapdragon 660 consists of eight Kryo 260 cores and an Adreno 512 GPU Graphics and the Snapdragon 630 packs eight Cortex A53 cores and an Adreno 508 GPU.

Both the mobile platforms support Qualcomm Mobile Security, with this Snapdragon 660 and 630 provides security focused hardware-based protection,

user authentication and device attestation on the mobile device.

Also the Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630 comes features like RF front end, power management, audio codec and speaker amplifier.

Regarding their availability, the Snapdragon 660 is now shipping whereas the 630 will start shipping later this month.

However, there is no word at the moment what devices these processors are going to power.

It will be interesting to see in which devices we will going to these two new processors from Qualcomm.



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