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Mac vs Windows PC: Which Should You Buy and Why?

Mac vs Windows PC: Which Should You Buy and Why? There is a never ending debate going on from so many years whether Mac is better than Windows PC or Windows PC is better than Mac. It is of course a subjective term; for instance, while Apple Mac are generally acknowledged to be easier to use, if you are a Windows user from a long time and you sit in front of a Mac for the first time, it certainly won’t seem that way.

So should you buy Mac over Windows PC?
Here are some reasons why u should buy a Mac or any Windows PC.
  1. You will get a good resale price for a used Mac compare to any Windows PC.

You can buy Windows PC for Cheaper price compare to Mac. But the true cost of ownership should be calculated based on not only the acquisition cost, but the residual value after you sell it. When you compare the resale cost of a Mac it is much higher than any windows pc. Compare the resale value of a three years old Windows PC and compare that to what you can get for your three years old Mac. It is virtually always no contest in that.

  1. Options for buying either of these two.

Definitely when you go in the market for buying PC you will get lots of option for Windows PC but you will get only one or two options for Mac. When you get lots of options for Windows PC then obviously you will get confused. But yes this definitely a plus point for Windows.

  1. Viruses

We all know that the number of Windows users are much higher than Mac users. So the hackers target Windows PC to insert viruses, spyware and malware.

But this doesn’t mean that Mac is safe from viruses, it is very rare that the Mac gets affected by viruses.

 4. Apple makes upgrading its OS simple, Microsoft still keeps it complicated.

Apple give its latest OS for free to its customers. But Windows can’t even use a consistent naming scheme the version include windows 7, 8 , XP, Vista, CE, NT, 98, 2000.

5.Which PC is for you?

Let’s talk about Windows first. The back end server infrastructure kind of things is well handled by Microsoft, because it’s in the land of geeks who love to dig into the machinery and tinker with all the settings and hardware.

Those kind of people like Windows PC on the front end as well, because they understand every complications of the computer system.

Apple on the other hand isn’t nearly as big in the IT world,

because its front end user interface doesn’t require computer whizzes to get thing done.

So, Microsoft Windows PC is for people who love tinkering with computers and

apple MacOS is for people who just want to get their work done.

6.Hardware and Software.

Apple’s applications are very useful and enjoyable to use and it is also very innovative. The industrial strength tool such as Final Cut Pro and many others most run only on OS X.

The Windows versions of iTunes, Safari Browser, etc. are sort of good,

but Apple does its best work on its own Operating System and Hardware.